War robots gaming concept and feature to know

Let’s find out-

The war robots are a very attractive game that is why players from worldwide play it daily. The game is a strategy action game developed by Pixonic. The game is very easy as well as very attractive. The league modes and design of robots are perfect things the game has been made. Earning cash and customize the robots players loves the most. At the beginning of the game, Robots are very simple, and skins are also very decent. All these things can change after reaching higher levels and complete missions.


The game robots have very different kind of features and skills. In the multiplayer battles of robots six versus six players in a single match, this match rewards the highest points. In the team, match robots attack the rivals teams and defend their own players of the team. According to skills and strategy, the winner declares, or if all the robots are down of one team, they declare loser of the match. Users can upgrade the robots easily with war robots hack 2019 services.


In the game, there are five types of currency available – Silver, Gold, Components, Black markets keys & Power cells. Gold, silver are major currencies in the game.

·          Silver – it is the most acquired currency in the game. But silver is also the most useful currency in the game to reach higher levels.

·          Gold – Gold is difficult to earn, mostly it used in to unlock hanger slots for skins. But players can have both gold and skin war robots hack 2019 to acquire rewards.