All you need to know about the gameplay of Design Home

All you need to know about the gameplay of Design Home

Basically Design Home game surrounds the work which is based on the interior decoration. In the game the gamer is given the challenges to decorate the rooms and the offices which are in it. As we know it is a challenge, so other online gamer are also decorating their room which you are decorating. At last the entire player listed their room for voting and these rooms are tested by other online players.

Learn about rating

They give their ratings as rating is essential if you did not rate for the other players then you are unable to obtain keys and currencies which are the essential part for the game. In this way, best decorated room is selected and the best one will be rewarded. The reward is given in any form whether it may be currency in which cash and diamond is included or it may be given keys. To decorate your room with the furniture or beautiful item the thing which you had to keep in your inventory is diamond and cash.

Know two type of currency

  • Diamond –It is also important currency for the following game. It is very hard to earn it for free, however with the help of in-app purchases you can buy both the items that are cash and diamond by using real world money. For the regular gamer it is very expensive, so it is best to use Design Home Hack 2019 for your game.
  • Cash– Cash is the premium currency for the game which is awarded to the player. One can easily buy several items and furniture from the game store with the help of earned cash. You can obtain this cash from various projects of design and whenever you feel that it is right time to invest then use it. But use it wisely as it is very tough to earn it.